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Aspire Healthcare Help You Find Best Nursing Jobs in UK

On average, currently only 55% of candidates sitting their OSCE exam for NMC registration pass for the first time. Most of them take 2 or even 3 attempts before they achieve success.

The OSCE will simulate a clinical environment and “patient” scenarios which Registered Nurses and Midwives are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Candidates are expected to utilize a contemporary evidence base and effectively demonstrate the safe practical application of nursing and midwifery skills.

Aspire Healthcare is the only OSCE trainer in the UK who provides training every month. This is to make the OSCE training more flexible, so that every candidate approaching us can be trained at a convenient time. Since most of them will be working as pre-registered nurses or will be an international candidate reaching the UK a few days before their OSCE exam.

As recruiters and trainers in the nursing recruitment, Aspire Healthcare is pleased to offer OSCE training to get you through your OSCE examination on the first attempt.

Why To Choose Our Training Services

The below things you can expect from us

  • Our OSCE training is practical and online based
  • Increased student engagement in learning
  • Time flexibility
  • More flexible teaching and learning environment
  • Improved student learning outcomes
  • With virtual OSCE learning you choose the time and pace that suits you best
  • Complete feedback after mock exam
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